The Association of African Exhibition Organisers (AAXO) are showing often overlooked exhibition venues and suppliers that they are essential to the industry by releasing their new Associate Membership tier. Announced at an industry launch on 8 June 2017 as part of their “Serving the Industry” theme for GED17, AAXO offered associate members unprecedented benefits leveraging off the expertise and successes already achieved by AAXO in growing the exhibition industry.

Member benefits include 10 percent discount on training and entry fees for the Exhibition of Exhibitions, display of the exclusive “AAXO-Approved Venue” and “AAXO-Approved Supplier” badges on their stands and marketing collateral, access to invaluable market research, networking and matchmaking opportunities and inclusion in the prestigious ROAR Awards.

With the objective of being more inclusive and serving the needs of a greater representation of the exhibition industry, AAXO decided to open its membership for selected reputable exhibition suppliers and venues who comply with AAXO’s strict code of conduct. They, in turn, reap the benefits of credibility and professionalism AAXO offers to its members and are in a better position to excel than ever before.

Carol Weaving, Chairperson of AAXO said, “Expanding our membership offering has always been part of the roadmap of the way forward to become more representative of the exhibition industry as a whole. We wanted to ensure that no one gets left behind. Our relentless efforts to promote credibility and professionalism will provide measurable benefits for our new associate members in an industry where credibility is key.”

For more information on AAXO or their upcoming events, visit www.aaxo.co.za or contact Pat Lofstedt on 011 549 8300 or at pat@aaxo.co.za.

All membership inquiries, including a full list of membership benefits and information on how to join, can be directed to members@aaxo.co.za.

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