AAXO membership provides exhibition organisers with a number of tangible benefits, including:

  • Increased credibility within the industry due to AAXO’s code of conduct and role in increased transparency and better governance
  • Access to mediation services. AAXO will act as an intermediary to find a solution should a dispute arise
  • Access to events such as workshops and roadshows designed to benefit both exhibition organisers and exhibitors
  • Resources for better relationship building with exhibitors, such as tips and guidelines that can be passed on to exhibitors
  • AAXO will negotiate with government bodies on behalf of members and provide linkages to the Department of Trade and Industry
  • AAXO will negotiate industry terms that benefit members such as a window period for staging competing exhibitions
  • Legal and administrative support. For example AAXO is in the process of negotiating a VAT Ruling with SARS and generating standardised exhibitor contracts
  • Access to vital information and research on relevant local and international economic trends
  • Marketing opportunities such as being listed on the AAXO website and interacting on social media
  • Participation in exhibition and organiser awards, with fair criterion and an objective judging process
  • AAXO will facilitate the tendering process on new exhibition and events
  • Better buying power through member discounts from preferred suppliers, from bulk email distribution to event insurance
    understand the challenges on both sides and are therefore effective
  • Provide audit guidelines that are inexpensive and credible
  • Ensure that members are fully aware of all DTI initiatives; represent the sector with SARS in revisiting the VAT issue for overseas exhibitors.
  • Gain agreement on a window period for staging competing exhibitions