The Association of African Exhibition Organisers | AAXO | The transport logistic network is growing: Messe München SA acquires Air Cargo India, Air Cargo Africa
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The transport logistic network is growing: Messe München SA acquires Air Cargo India, Air Cargo Africa

The transport logistic network is growing: Messe München SA acquires Air Cargo India, Air Cargo Africa

Leading international exhibition organiser Messe München has purchased the Air Cargo India and Air Cargo Africa exhibitions from the Indian publishing house Stat Trade Times.

Priyo Patra, former owner of the Air Cargo exhibitions and co-owner of The Stat Trade Times, will work with Messe München to expand these two events.

Air Cargo Africa is the largest air cargo trade fair in Africa, attracting over 80 exhibitors and 2,000 visitors from across the continent.

The acquisitions strengthen Messe München’s network of successful international transport logistic events – the world’s leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management.

Gerhard Gerritzen, member of the Management Board of Messe München, says: “Air cargo is an important and growing area at the transport logistic series of trade fairs. Following strong global growth of 10 percent in 2017, the international aviation organisation IATA predicts an air cargo increase of 4 percent for 2018, with significant growth predicted in the coming years.

This growth is evidenced at the leading Air Cargo international trade fair in Munich – the largest air freight trade fair in the world – which will take place in June 2019. This event is already fully booked, even though we expanded the event over the 2017 edition.”

Air Cargo India and Air Cargo Africa, which have grown to become the ‘go-to events’ for the air freight industry in their respective markets, will benefit from their affiliation with Messe München’s transport logistic exhibitions, while Priyo Patra will ensure continuity and local market expertise.

“I am looking forward to be associated with them actively in the years ahead”, Priyo Patra stated. “The partnership will create tremendous synergies, and I am sure that the air freight industry will benefit in many ways from it.”

Kick-off in Africa

The next Air Cargo Africa will take place in Johannesburg from February 19 to 21. Eighty exhibitors and 2126 visitors were on site at its fourth edition in 2017. Air Cargo India takes place in Mumbai every two years; a total of 74 exhibitors and 2534 visitors were at the most recent, 7th edition of Air Cargo India in February this year. In India, transport logistic already holds transport logistic India @ CTL in collaboration with Exim India, which takes place in Mumbai every two years. There is no air cargo area there, and consequently, “we are planning closer integration with it,” Mr. Gerritzen said. “You can see clearly that the acquisitions complement our transport logistic portfolio optimally.”